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volunteers on the beach at Kirinda

I'm not quite sure where to begin so I'll just say about the weekend.

At the weekend about 24 volunteers went to Kirinda. We were told this was 4 hours drive. What a lie it was more like seven, and there was 14 people in a non a/c 12 seater bus!

When we finally arrived in Kirinda our driver -who didn't have very good English- stopped the bus and pointed to the top of a cliff. We got out and looked dubiously into the sky.. surely this wasn't the lodgehouse? We climbed the rough hewn steps in the rock to the very top. We were right, we were in a Buddhist temple not a lodgehouse! Oops! It was a wonderful view anyway. We then asked the driver to take us to Restaurant Sylvia where we were meeting the other van. After a slight detour to the harbour we arrived in one piece. The other van had finished their lunch and were waiting for us. We headed to the beach after lunch and a few people visited a bird sanctuary. The current was so strong that no one went in the sea past their ankles but one girl Gillian was knocked over and pulled out to sea! Luckily one of the other volunteers was a life guard and between her and a lobster fisherman Gillian was saved. We stayed away from the sea after that. I found a really cool rock pool big enough for 5 people or so to swim and and we messed around in that for ages.

In our lodge we saw two snakes. We were sleeping outside but the place had a floor, this, you'll be interested to hear is was constitutes a lodge. I also half walked on an enormous beetle. It was about the size of a walnut and i felt in crunch beneath my foot just as Ash cried " FE NO!" Cockroaches have never bothered me before but I saw how fast they can scuttle and now they do. Gross.

We had a BBQ for dinner. A BBQ in Sri Lanka is 10 kinds of curry, two kinds of rice, salad and BBQ chicken legs. Glad I'm sticking to the veggies as blood was literally squirting out on to the plates. All the stuff I had was beautiful and safe to eat.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Poya day. This is a Buddhist holiday because Buddha spoke his first sermon on a full moon, thats what the teacher at school told me anyway. Poya day is every full moon so once a month everyone gets a day off. How great is that? The teacher at school ( I can't say any of their names) didn't agree he thought it shouldn't be a holiday as nobody went to temple anyway and Sri Lanka was too poor to have all these holidays anyway!

Ash and I went to Mount Lavinia beach on Poya day with Charley our host and someone who works for TPA. It was a lovely beach and the sea wasn't dangerous here so we all swam. I also bought Laura's Birthday card from a man on the beach.

Have to go now. Dinner time and Ash and Evert are waiting for me... love you bye xxxxxx

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