Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Sandra Persevering with my lost combat tassle!

Now that's what I call a proper storm...

Dessert: Sweet mango and sticky rice...yuk!

My first ever beer...

Spent all day travelling from Bangkok to Ko Chang island, thought journey would never end, spent 7 hours on this (unusually plush) coach and promptly dumped in the middle of nowhere to get a boat to the island, which decided not to turn up for 2 hours, so everyone who'd gotten off the coach was sitting down reading and watching this massive lighting storm and i'm thinking...what the hell sort of cowboy operation is this?!! Bit of a low point given the rain and getting soaked yet again but i'm going to have to get used to such inefficiencies and tempremental weather.

Sorted out a beach hut, and spent ages playing cards (cheat) and unfortunately showing my competitive side.

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