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Us, Ken, Ying, Martin and Kysa

Boat trip in Langkawi, Malaysia

Ken and Ying from Vancouver

Look dad, I caught one!!!

Our Guide and our driver during our island hopping tour

After a long day

Ken, Ying and Speedo

On the 7th we left for one of the Malay Islands Langkawi (8hours - 2 busses, 2 cabs and 1 ferry). We found a hotel, dropped our bags, threw on some fresh clothes and hit the beach. Within 30 minutes of arriving we ran into the Sweeds from KL walking down the beach! It was soooo nice to see familiar faces. They'd met up with a couple Vancouverites - we all went for dinner that night and ended up together through Western Thailand till the 17th when we all sadly parted ways. We were in Langkawi till the 9th. Rented some scooters to check out the place, lots of beach time, lots of time at a pub close by (we blame the other Canadians), booked a boat for a day and went to a couple other beaches, went snorkeling (where dirty things happened to innocent Sea Cucumbers), fishing for our dinner and had a BBQ on a secluded Island. Luckly our boat guy had a backup feast just incase we didnt catch enough. It was amazing - Few Beers, Big Squid, Chicken, Prawns and Sweet Potatoe on an open fire!

We acutally had to move Hotels in our 2nd day. After breakfast with the kids we went back to get some stuff for the day. There was a Monkey in our hotel area that - I guess -wanted to be friends. All I know from my last Thailand trip is that Monkeys bite. Anyway, I flee and he chases, I squawk like a chicken and he's on my leg. I get to our door and he's got me cornered and seriously pulling this King Kong crap on me as he paces our 10ft balcony to let the world know that I'm his. He turns to me and tries to take a couple bites out of my leg. Tyler who seems to have been missing for about 5 hours of this finally appears with a broom and swats him away. He remains my hero.. my "just a little slow on the draw" hero.

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