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We got up early at just before 7am (for us anything before 8am is early!) to close up the coach, do a dump and then drive to Dover ready for our ferry crossing. All went well and arrived at the dock just after 10am ready for our ferry crossing at 12 noon. In fact we were virtually the first in the queue. Finding somewhere for Daisy to have a pee was difficult as all around us was concrete and no grass to be seen (Daisy is a grass girl!) but in fact we found a very very small dog park. We only had to show our passport when we booked in and nobody checked our LPG tank to make sure it was turned off as on the ferries in North America.

The crossing was smooth (Heather said thank goodness!) but foggy and we arrived in Dunkirk, France bang on time. By now the sun was shining and we were one of the first vehicles off the ferry.

We got on the E40 and headed north into Belgium and our campground for the next week Klein Strand in Jabekke near Brugge. The roads to the campground were fine except one tight corner. We later discovered there was another road in avoiding that corner through an industrial estate which was better. There was a huge area to unhook.

The touring part of the campground was in a separate section further down the road so before moving the coach we went and had a look. We had been told that we could pick any site; in fact two if that was better for us as they were not very busy. When we had booked we had specifically checked that they had hard standing and they had advised us yes. However all their sites were grass and no obvious hard standing tracks we had seen in some campgrounds. Although the ground looked fairly solid we had noticed on some sites they had been churned up quite badly and our weight could do some damage. However there was spur grave roads to small group of sites and looking at it we could easily stand on one of these without problems. We returned to the office and checked and they said fine. We also then went back to the office once again when we noticed some low branches of trees and asked them if we could trim them as they would catch the coach. No problem again. After all that we finally got ourselves set up.

We were exhausted but safely at our destination.

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