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Prices vary from one dentist to another but all are much lower...

There dozens of dentists, optometrists, and pharmacists along several blocks of the...




All of the customers around town are US and Canadian. Almost all...

Lots of interesting "stuff" to look at.

Many restaurants to choose from.

We ate here in an open courtyard.

Menu prices were not really much less than a comparable restaurant in...

The food tasted great.

The line to return to the USA stretched for over 2 blocks...

We enjoyed another one of those beautiful desert sunsets this evening.




Full moon rising over Da Honu.

Our new little Da Honu mascot. About the size of a half-dollar...

(Ron Writing) This morning we drove about 20 miles southwest to the Mexico border at Los Algodones. We parked the truck at a lot on the US side of the border and then walked into Mexico. Many full-time RVers we’ve met go to Los Algodones for dental work, eyeglasses, and prescription drugs. Without exception, those we spoke to who had dental work done in Los Algodones were very pleased with the results. We’ve collected a few references from these folks and we decided to try getting our annual exam and cleanings there.

Immediately after stepping across the border we saw dozens of dental offices, optical offices, pharmacies, and restaurants. And then, of course there were the sidewalk vendors hawking all sorts of “stuff”.

We stopped at the office of one dentist who we were referred to but he was booked for the day. We walked a couple doors down to another office someone else recommended. This dentist, Aimé Ramírez was able to accommodate us. The dentist did the teeth cleaning herself with the help of her dental assistant. The charge for cleaning was $25. That’s all Elena needed but when she cleaned mine she found a small cavity. She told me I should get if filled before it gets worse. I asked her if she had time to do it today. She checked her schedule and said she’d be able to do it before her next scheduled appointment. She put a miniature camera in my mouth and showed me a large image of the cavity on a computer screen. After finishing the filling she showed me an image of the completed filling. So for $55 I got that taken care of also.

Dr. Ramírez speaks very good English and has a very nice clean office with modern equipment. She did a good job deadening my jaw so I had no pain at all.

After finishing our dental work we walked around awhile waiting for the Novocain to wear-off so I could eat lunch without eating my tongue. We found a good deal on a computer case/briefcase for our second computer and then found a restaurant that looked appealing.

After some delicious Mexican food we headed back for the border. Getting back into the USA was the only negative part of the day. The line of people waiting to cross stretched for 2 or 3 blocks and we stood in line for almost two hours. There were just two border guards checking passports and questioning people about what they were bringing back to the US. They were most interested in quantities of liquor and drugs.

It was a good learning experience and now that we understand the process a little better we’ll plan to get an early morning appointment in advance and get back across the border before the long lines form. We also understand that it gets much busier after all the snowbirds get here for the winter.

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