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New pgymy lamb

We spent four days in the London area meeting up with Hazel, Clive and Didi.

Didi loves to play with Daisy and the two spent a lot of time running up and down the crescent in front of Hazel's and Clive's house. The first evening Didi had a sleep over at the coach while Mum and Dad went out for the evening. It was an early start the next day as according to Didi "Daisy woke her up!" A long walk in the nearby park was in order to get rid of some of the energy for both D's.

On Thursday evening Tony's brother Phillip joined us for dinner. We were lucky our schedules matched as Phillip spend his life on an aeroplane.

Friday saw us visiting the Paradise Wildlife Park. It was a cold day and many of the animals were trying to keep warm! The park is home to three rare white lions. One of the females had the month before given birth to a cub. There was also a number of other rare or threaten species part of the ongoing work of the zoo which specialises in research and breeding of endangered species. Although we are not great lovers of zoos the animals looked well cared for and were in facilities close to their natural environments. The best zoo we have ever seen was in Quebec where they only had animals native to their environment and were in almost semi wild enclosures.

This was our last stop with family before we head off into Europe for the summer.

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