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Kate and Rick are people I met in my early married years when Tom and I were transferred from New York to Ohio . In recent years Tom and I were able to reconnect with friends from our youth ( Jack and Joyce, Dennis and Pat , Marcia and Max), friends from Ohio ( Carol, Kate and Rick), friends from Michigan ( oh so many to mention) and make many RV friends from all over the place. Old or new - friends just the same.

Today, I arrived in Knoxville to visit the Hayes'. I was greeted with a big hug from Rick and the usual broad happy grin from Kate. I have spoken to them frequently but have not seen them in over 2 years and yet when I walked through the door all that time melted away and I was in the comforting company of dear friends. What's that worth? - Priceless!

After catching up on news for a couple of hours, Kate, Rick, their children and grandchildren, and I went out for dinner. I hope to see everyone again before I leave in a few days.

Does it help to talk about Tom and what transpired? - Yes. It helps to know that people want to talk about him, remember him, and give thanks for the time we all shared whether it was long ago or as recently as last year. I am a lucky woman.

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