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Willis and Blayde at the Guggisberg Cheese Factory.

Guggisberg Cheese Factory - Our favorite places to go for yummy Swiss...

The bear waiting to ring in the hour at Guggisberg Cheese Factory.

Taken in Fryburg, Ohio.

Despite the weather becoming scorching hot these last three days we have been having a lovely time in Amish Country (Holmes County), Ohio, this week. We’ve enjoyed the film and sights at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center, wine tasting, perusing through various craft and specialty stores, and dining in the numerous restaurants specializing in Amish cooking.

Ah, that Amish cooking. The button on my pants is screaming after our week here in Holmes County. The food is amazing in these parts. There are two restaurants we enjoyed above the rest: The Amish Door Restaurant in Wilmot and Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen in Mt. Hope.

The Amish Door had magnificent loaves of bread (complete with peanut butter spread and apple butter) and a salad bar that was incredible. Their salad bar went way beyond lettuce and toppings. I’m talking sauerkraut salad, little tiny pickled beets, sliced carrot salad, pasta salads, etc. The hot food buffet was also delicious.

Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen was wonderful, too. They provided a splendid variety of foods on their hot food buffet including a few casseroles I had never heard of before but certainly enjoyed. The parking at both The Amish Door and at Mrs. Yoder’s was easy to access, even in Clyde, and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

Only one restaurant out of the many we went to, Der Dutchman, in Walnut Creek was a bit of a disappointment to us. We expected it to be good because when we arrived for lunch there was a line that stretched all the way out the front door. However, after eating there, we found the food to be mediocre and a bit too much like eating in a touristy high school cafeteria. It was easy to see they are geared to accommodate tour bus groups and moving large groups of people through quickly. We consider ourselves fortunate to find only one restaurant out of the entire week to be a disappointment. I probably wouldn’t have gained so much weight this week had the other restaurants been more like Der Dutchman!

A small tidbit we learned while in Holmes County regarding our phone and Internet service: our iPhone (thus AT&T) did not have phone service or reliable Internet service in this area. However, our Verizon wireless broadband card in our laptop worked great. Also, I might add, Will’s TracFone worked just fine in this area. I guess it is a good thing we keep that little TracFone for those “just in case” moments.

One other tidbit I learned while here in Amish Country concerns elderberry wine. I had heard that wine made from elderberries was good for people suffering from the flu (Google “elderberry” and you can learn more about this) and I had seen elderberry wine referenced in various novels and old stories but I had never tasted it until this week. It tasted like cough syrup to me, not something I would drink a glass of with dinner, but it didn’t taste particularly bad. The wine warmed my chest (like a warm brandy does) as it went down so I could see why it would be helpful if suffering from the flu. I can now chalk elderberry wine up as one more taste experience in my repertoire of taste memories.

We are headed towards West Virginia tomorrow so let’s hope this heat wave will break soon.

Happy Travels,


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