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Purdue Univerisity - My father's alma mater.

Purdue University

This was the enterance to what looked lilke the older Electrical Engineering...

The end of the older EE building.

The EE building at Purdue University. Lots of trees around it, made...

Then we came across this building, which appears to be a newer...

The clock tower at Purdue University. They were doing lots of construction...

Taken in Geneva, Indiana.

I really appreciate the talent involved in creating cemetery art.

My friend Sue Clarke, me and Blayde. (A little blurry but taken...

College of Wooster, located in Wooster, Ohio.

Doors on one of the buildings at the College of Wooster.

Sitting in the wagon in front of the Amish Door Bakery in...

Blayde decided he liked this little house and wanted to stay on...

Such pretty handmade baskets for sale in Wilmot, Ohio.

Blayde hanging out on one of the shop porches in Wilmot, Ohio,...

Traveling towards Ohio Amish Country the last couple of days has been a delight! We have been having such fun.

One of the first things we did, since I last updated this journal, was stop at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. Although it was a little out of the way we detoured a bit south because I wanted to see where my father had earned his undergraduate Electrical Engineering degree. Although I more clearly remember where we lived during the years my father earned his graduate degree I was too young to appreciate Lafayette during his Purdue experience and wanted to see this renowned campus.

Purdue had a very “science” feeling to it as we walked around the campus and this is not surprising as Purdue was established as “a college of science, technology, and agriculture”. Along with my father, Purdue has graduated other distinguished graduates including twenty-two Purdue graduates who “have gone on to become astronauts, including Gus Grissom (one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts), Neil Armstrong (the first person to walk on the moon), and Eugene Cernan (the last person to walk on the moon).”

Another highlight during our journey this past couple of days was getting to meet an Internet friend of mine in person. Sue Clarke and I met online due to our shared interests in traveling and Roadtreks. She, too, is a proud Roadtrek owner and we have “visited” online but had never met in person until last night. It was such an enjoyable meeting! Willis and I were tucked into Clyde, me playing on the computer and Willis watching a movie, when we heard a knocking on our door. Since we were parked in a WalMart parking lot for the night we had no idea who it could be but, happily, it was Sue and her hubby! She had seen on the computer that we were only 16 miles away from her house so she came over to say “hi” and I am so glad she did! How nice to hug a friend whom I’ve only known via pictures and emails. We are definitely going to have to do some “trekking” together one of these days.

One of the stops Willis wanted to make was to see the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, so we made a point of stopping by to visit this site, too. This campus felt like a much different environment than Purdue. The campus had a “fairytale” quality to it due to the Late Gothic Revival style of architecture. We learned that this private liberal arts college was founded in 1866 and now serves to educate about 1800 full-time students each year. I believe both the college and the surrounding town of Wooster would be a very nice place to spend four years and am glad we had the opportunity to meander around the campus.

Today was spent reacquainting ourselves with Ohio’s Amish Country. We haven’t been here since 2004 but have always looked forward to returning for another visit. We are currently checked into the Amish Country Campground in Winesburg for the week. Of course, one of the best things we enjoy about this area of the country is the amazingly scrumptious food. I believe a lunch out each day we are here is definitely in order during our visit! (Oh my goodness… how many miles am I going to need to walk to burn off this week of delights?) So today we started our week of Amish lunches at the Amish Door Restaurant in Wilmot, Ohio. There wasn’t a thing we ate there that I wouldn’t rate as absolutely “delicious”. Now, where shall we eat tomorrow?

Happy Travels,


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