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The view from our hotel room

That's Marc crossing the street, trying not to look like a tourist....

We loved strolling the streets day and night just admiring the views

The Sacred Heart Church

The Eiffel Tower

Here we are. I bet we're in that other couple's photo too

We had to walk a distance to get a picture of the...

a small section of the Louvre

The Arc De Triumph. Does this look familiar? Lance Armstrong won the...

Inside the Louvre near the Mona Lisa. Can you find Lisy in...

The next stop on our European journey was Paris. We loved it! This city has everything a European city can have- great food, entertainment, and cultural sights. But Paris also has a special feeling that is unique to Paris, maybe it is just romantic. We were swept away by its charm.

Since all of Europe seems to be on vacation in July and August, the main attractions were packed full of people, but still enjoyable. One of our favorite things to do was to hop on the subway and get out at any random stop. Then we would see what that part of town had to offer. We were never disappointed, and we found some of the tastiest restaurants this way.

Enjoy our pictures of this great city, we will have to come back here and spend more time to soak up all the sights.

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