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After breakfast and a quick swim by the kids with their friends, we packed up and headed to the airstrip at Bamurru. Fortunately, the flight from Bamurru to Darwin had a tail wind so it took about 15 minutes less than our flight over. I guess I take it as a positive that we had the same pilot as she was clearly more experienced than when she flew us in now that she had doubled her flight hours (from 2 to 4, hah!). We grabbed our bags from Air Frontier HQ (see earlier pic) and after a little research on who had the best looking swimming pool, took a taxi to the Sky City hotel. While it looked great in the pictures, it was the epitome of a 1950s Vegas casino that aside from the pool, had seen no money spent on capex. We rented a room for the afternoon and set out to let the kids play. Fortunately, our friends from Bamurru, the Pattisons and their children, had a layover as well before their flight back to Sydney so they joined us.

Apparently, Monday is Senior's Day at Sky City - as such, the pool was empty and the line to the $2 buffet was packed - 200 people at least. We hung out at Sky City until 5:30 and headed to the Darwin airport for our flight. After a quick turn through the gift shop (the most novel item being a key chain fashioned from the scrotum of a kangaroo - would have bought but it was $30), we boarded our flight and headed to Cairns.

After flying from Darwin to Cairns, we were treated to a ride from the airport to the Shangri-La hotel by the Rain Man of limousine drivers. In the span of a 10 minute ride, he managed to tell us about every single beach, park, gondola ride, shopping venue and even hospital (the bricks in the old section of the hospital are unique in that they are traditional red brick versus cinder block and are not as well suited for cyclones) in the town. We arrived at the hotel around 11p and while it wasn't necessarily the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at, it would was a pleasant change from the rustic environs of Bamurru.

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