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our hotel in San Ignacio




on the road

in Guatemala















lunch stop


our tents at Tikal

our bus

Today we leave San Ignacio and head to Belize/Guatemala border and on to Tikal in Guatemala. We got our private bus from the hotel for a short ride to the Belize border, paid our departure tax and get our passports stamped, and a short walk to the Guatemala check point Daniel our tour leader takes all the passport to get our Guatemala stamp and we head to our new bus which we will have until we get to Antigua. We are off for Tikal, a short stop to get some beers (tonight we are camping)and our tour guide and head to the park. About a hours drive and we are there, get our bags unloaded from the top of the bus and put in our tents it is off with our guide to explore the park, it is a very big park and much of it has not been uncovered only about 4% has been uncovered. We spend about 3 1/2 hours there lots of walking and climbing, great place to visit lots to see, made it to the top of temple 4 and 2, will be posting some pictures soon. Back to our tents a bit of rest then off for some dinner and a couple of beer to celebrate our trip. Then we head back to our camp, set around a campfire having a few more beers and some chatting, before calling it a night, we will be heading out early tomorrow morning heading to Rio Dulce.

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