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John, Tyler, Victoria, Bobbie, Stan and Ann

Little did I know when we left El Cajon this morning for Temecula that this would be a very long but fun day. We arrived at Pechanga RV Resort around noon. This park is next to the Pechanga Resort and Casino. However, that is not the reason we are here. We have a friend from college, John Heberle, who lives here with his wife. John has been eager to show us the sites around his home. He drove up shortly after we parked our rig.

After a light lunch of CA tacos, we set out for wine country in the Temecula Valley. We were surprised to find 43 wineries that are rivaling Napa with their wines.

We made two stops today. The first was Europa Village. This winery is relatively new but had some excellent wines. We particularly liked their Cabernet but it was a little pricey. We shared a tasting and were very impressed with the quality of wines they presented. Since they didn't seem very busy we asked if we could get a quick tour. After some discussion we met Dr. Doug with a golf cart behind the tasting room. He took us on an impromptu private tour explaining how the grow their grapes and how they detect the amount of moisture below ground so they know when and how much to water. He showed us where they will break ground next year on three new tasting each for French, Italian, and Spanish style wines as well as a hotel and spa. They also have home sites on 1 1/2 to several acre lots. He told us the lots are 75% sold out. As we were talking to our guide we found out he was a former educator who retired a couple of years ago with "move to San Diego" from Ohio and "work on a winery" on his bucket list and that's exactly what he did.

Our second stop was the Doffa winery that is owned by a character from Argentina. He stopped by briefly while we shared another tasting. The red wines we sampled were excellent and even earned a couple of "wows" from these taste buds. One of those was their Port wine which they accompanied with dark chocolate chips. It was so good I bought a small box of dark chocolates filled with their wine. (This has got to be heart healthy , right?...dark chocolate and red wine? Right?)

From there he took us see the area where they lived for 8 years in their See Ya Motor Home (yes, John B. another See Ya John. Who knew?). This was an RV Park on a golf course where you can buy your lot and build it out the way you want. We saw some very fancy build outs including one with an elaborate miniature train layout running thru the lot.

We then met up with John's wife Bobbie and two of their grandchildren who are staying with them for a month. Tyler is almost 11 and Victoria is 6. All six of us headed into Old Town Temecula for Italian Food at Filipis. This restaurant features a combo called "The Feast" for $19.95 Monday thru Thursday. This includes salad, homemade bread, spaghetti, lasagna, and a large pizza. We got two feasts to feed the six of us. The food was great but there was no way we could eat it all. Both families took a ton of food home.

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