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Last week had been a very stressful week for both of us. Tony with his driver training for his HGV E licence and Heather trying to sort out insurance for the motorhome. We also had that Lynne's washing machine didn't seem to be working properly. We hoped this week would be better.

After a training session on Saturday morning, Tony was feeling a little bit better about his driving but was still unhappy about the split gearbox (with 16 gears) and was not convinced he would pass his test on the Monday. Monday dawned. His driving test went better than he thought except on his hill start where he messed up the gears which resulted in him failing the test. Never mind. Talking with his trainer who had received feedback from his examiner they agreed he would have 2-3 days more training just to sort the gears issue out and give more confidence and then a re-test on the 19 March. -All this so we can tow the car!

Heather had an update from Derek at Gold RV and everything was progressing well. The only issue was insurance so we could get the motorhome registered. Derek suggested contacting Safeguard the insurance company he used to see if we could make some progress. Heather did this - Success. They would be happy to issue a cover note on the VIN number for 30 days, covered 365 days travel in Europe, gave clear and sound advice on value to insure, accepted our driving history evidence we had obtained from Progressive in the USA which meant we would obtain 60% no claim bonus and the adviser answered all our questions efficiently and effectively. So you know who got the insurance. After paying the premium we had our temporary cover note within 10 minutes so was able to get the cover note by e-mail to Fiona at Gold RV to get the motorhome registered.

Lynne returned on Wednesday after a good week in Jersey. We will miss walking Fern.

Overall a better week.

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