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4am tuk-tuk pick up

After a blessing with Buddha the the front of the temple this...





Good Morning all

My favourite view round the back

Oh so pretty lillies

Trekking round the Wat

Need to keep up my athletitism

Spiders are great to see in the trees when they make little...

Ta Phrom

Just amazing how these trees and buildings prop one another up

Yes love it - could stay a week here!


Tree like this are ripe here

Here comes the rain (not all the bottles are ours)


Does my bum look big?


Look out




Don our driver




It's raining leaves

Hello to all our fans back in the UK (Mansell after Indy Car crash),

We arrived in Siem Reap Cambodia yesterday and are looking forward to exploring the town later today. We are staying in a decent hotel for 4.80 a night and its a real steal. Luxuries like a fridge, hot water and TV make a big difference we couldn't believe how cheap it was after some of the places we stayed in in Bangkok.

Anyway our first impressions of Cambodia are that it's going to be a great adventure. It has the "off the map" feel like India did. After the modernised Singapore and Malaysia and tourist towns of Thailand, Cambodia is a just what we needed. Not that I'm knocking anywhere that we have been!

There's a real rustic feel about it and............well we're here, so we'll go and look!!!!

Much love C & P xx

Monday 16th January

Siem and Reap

Hello All, We have spent a delightful 5 nights in the old town of Siem Reap, it is an excellent base to explore Angkor Wat the crown jewel of the ancient civilization, and the largest religious structure in the entire world. My favourite temple in particular was Ta Prohm, once we pulled back a few vines, we witnessed a much larger collection of extraordinary temples and intricate stone carvings that, that together, fight against the ever invading jungle foliage. This so far is what makes Cambodia Cambodia, this together with such smiling, happy to help and converse in what ever English they know. Some of the children

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