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Just a chill day just the two of us as Marie and michael have had to go to work. Spent most of it just watching tv and doing washing and a bit of a tidy up around the place. They left us the keys for the Pontiac if we needed to head out which I was quite hesident about but we thought we would just head to the shops so we could have dinner sorted after they had been at work all day. Went out there but the battery was flat so some how managed to talk Jen into getting on the push bikes and riding just around the corner to the shops. Well, turns out we dont know this area as well as we thought. We left at about 2pm and at 5pm we got a phone call from Marie asking where we were as she had got home from work and we werent there but the car was....... Marie then sent Michael to come and collect us as Jen was sore, I was fine other than my ears which were burning from Jen swearing at me for talking her into getting on the bike! I was trying to get her to see how pretty the scenery was and how perfect the weather was for a bike ride but she wasnt sharing my enthusiasm......Apparently the seat was a little high on the bike and was quite uncomfortable.

After being rescued we had dinner and a few beers and watched a movie and called it a night.

Tomorrow is exciting - off to London!

Sorry about there being no pictures again, this site only allows 150 a month and am already up to 120!)

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