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Lake Louise (sign)

The views we have to tolerate.

Rental Motorhomes. They are like knats...they are everywhere!

More Rental motorhomes.

They plowed us a parking spot.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise... still frozen.

Hotel Chateau on Lake Louise

Lake Louise - mirror image.

We found paradise.

Lake Moline

Glaciers at Lake Moline

Visitor at frozen Lake Moline

Lake Louise ski lodge.

Inside the lodge.

Ski Lifts

Bow River

These are animal freeway crossings.

Visitors at our campsite.

We have limited phone and WIFI coverage. I have been updating at McDonald's or where we can find a WIFI.

We visited Lake Louise, Lake Moline and the Bow River Valley. Check out the pictures.

We filled the car with gas (petro) today. $5.57 a gallon.

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