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We searched hard, but no pot of gold

Helene's birthday flowers

Flamingos (or flamencos as Roland calls them)






The birthday girl on the Brazilian side of the falls









A full time resident at the hotel

A flutter (probably not the correct collective noun) of butterflies feeding on...












The Devil's Throat


The walkway we didn't walk down

The view from our terrace



Dear all,

Hope all good back home, and all Bestival people had a brilliant (and rain free?) time. And huge congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Amis - we were so sorry to miss what looks like a beautiful wedding.

Last time we wrote, we were recovering from Tango exertions in Buenos Aires. From there we got a long but pretty luxurious bus (fully reclining seats, personal TVs and champagne!) to Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

For my birthday we treated ourselves to a few nights in an actual hotel (rather than hostel) which was lovely - very easy to get used to and extremely hard to leave!

On my birthday, we went over to Brazil for the day to check out the falls from that side as we'd been advised by a few people we've met along the way that that's the best order to do it. From the Brazilian side, you get a panoramic view of the falls which gives some sense of the (huge) scale of them. Very impressive indeed. There are various viewpoints, each offering excellent photo opportunities.

We were really lucky with the weather and the sunshine creates beautiful rainbows in the spray - we'd never seen the seven colours so distinctly.

That day we also visited a bird reserve with toucans, parrots and flamingos galore. So there are a few colourful bird pics for you to break up the many waterfall shots- some from the reserve, and some from the areas around the waterfalls.

The following day, we visited the Argentinian side of the falls which, if anything, are even more stunning than the Brazilian side as you can get really close to the various falls. There are 275 falls in total, ranging from little tiddlers to raging massive monsters with millions of litres of water roaring down every second.

We did a really fun boat trip which gives you great views from the bottom up, and also went right up to one waterfall and took us under for a thorough drenching which took the best part of the day to dry out from. Certainly an exhilarating and unforgettable, if very soggy, experience.

The grand finale is a huge waterfall called the Devil's Throat (rain jackets again required) - the noise is incredible and the power quite humbling. When you look down all you can see is an abyss of white, which almost looks like snow.

As I say we were very sad to leave Iguazu, not least as it was lovely and hot! But somehow we've managed to almost run out of time in South America for all we want to do before we leave at the end of the month, so there was no time for hanging around (and certainly no budget for staying any longer in our hotel!) so we hit the road again on 7th September to head for Cordoba just for a night, en route to Mendoza for some quality vino.

Hope you like the pics - we've tried to edit from the hundreds we took! - hopefully they should give some idea of how awe-inspiring the Iguazu Falls are, but not sure our photos quite do them full justice...if you ever get the chance to visit, we'd definitely recommend it. Think the falls have made it, along with the whales, onto our nascent Top 10 list for the whole trip - maybe the next thing will be on dry land?

We're in Mendoza now so will do our post from here when we get a chance.

Lots of love to all,

Helene and Roland x

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