Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Our RV Park, The Lucky Logger

Had to go over the bridge - in the rain to Florence,...

The Wharf, Florence, Oregon

Original Oregon Hippie who made my glass necklace

The beach you had to climb dunes to see.

Again at this beach, another Tsunami warning

The beautiful white sandy beach David and I walked on

View on the other side of the Jetty

Told you - Ron's Raven still looking for him

The Boggy Bay Bears shop

At the front entrance to Boggy Bears shop

The small town

More of the downtown

Leaving So Jetty Campground, headed to Monaco Factory

Yawn! Very Boring Highway

David and Ron kept hearing dune buggies and 3 wheelers playing on the dunes, so they went to investigate. They wanted to do the 3 wheelers, then decided they wouldn't. However, they took Connie and me to see the dunes.

You have to Climb Way Up a dune before you can see the beach, then there is a climb down, but to get back up you have to again Climb. We did photo-ops on top of the dunes and left the climbing to an elderly man and his dog. He and his dog go out and look for agates 4 or 5 times a week. He gave us large clam shells - like the Shell Gas one.

We then went to the Jetties. Ron didn't want to drive down the Jetty, so David, Connie and I walked down and to a beautiful beach. Connie went on back, via the Jetty. David and I walked out to the ocean. A very long trip in ankle deep white beach sand - hard going! It certainly was beautiful, though. We also saw Ron's Raven and told him where Ron was. When we got back to the car, Ron said his Raven almost flew in the car window at him. I told him, the Raven wants his feather back -

We went in town. It was so quaint. There was a wharf, restaurants, gift shops,etc. We just happened on a craft fair on the wharf. I found a necklace I love. It is of Dichroic glass. It was made by an Oregon hippie, long white hair,wearing a T-shirt that read, 'TOKE'. The glass was produced by NASA and just recently turned over to the public.

Had a good dinner - plus great clam chowder, on a restaurant overlooking the inlet. Ron had oyster stew and declared it the best he had ever had!

The town had a lot of interesting shops also. One of them, Boggy Bay Bears had chainsaw carved bears, hand carved bears, and bear everything. Our daughter, Leigh, would have had a great time in that shop as she loves bears!

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