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sailing boat trip

feeding the birds

loads of big sharks!




caye caulker

boat and crew




panty rippers - the new favourite cocktail!

lobster feast

a few beers...

ems and wish willy

shrimp sticks..mmm





our bungalow


full moon

on the dive boat




caz + dave



made it to sunrise after a very hardcore night!

huge rain storm just as about to get on boat

belize city port

Had a very early start from Tulum as such a long journey to Caye Caulker and we wanted to do it all in one day so as to avoid having to stay a night in Belize City..the bus to the border was fine as the buses in Mexico are so luxurious...however on arriving in Belize it was a different story...chicken buses only!! Emma's next look of utter horror when i said she might actually be travelling with chickens (or goats)...and then Laura's when she realised there wouldn't be a toilet on the bus!...Fortunately (for Ems)it was just humans on the bus this time so i didn't have to leave her behind and Lauz managed the whole 6 hours without needing a wee so it was a pretty stress-free journey!

Made it to Belize City in time for the last boat over to Caye Caulker and arrived in our next paradise! We met a denim-dungaree clad local guy called Charles as soon as we got off the boat who offered to show us around and helped us find a place to stay in our budget...very funny guy and so glad we met him as we found the cutest little ( & v cheap!) bungalow to stay in which we would never have found otherwise...

Caye Caulker was lovely - am so glad we made the effort to go there...4 days of more beaches, sunbathing & swimming - the water is SO gorgeous... partying lots (becoming addicted to our new favourite "panty rippers" rum cocktails - delicious!).. eating the most amazing seafood ever (Wish Willy's restaurant - a MUST for anyone going there!) and basically just having a totally fab time....

I did a couple of dives which were absolutely fantastic and the best i've done in years...the visibility was so good and the first time we went down we were among a huge group of nurse sharks...we just sat on the bottom for ages and watched about 10 of them swimming all around us...amazing! The next dive i saw a huge giant turtle about 1.5m long, it was so cute and again we just hovered next to it for about 5 minutes watching it feeding...i just wish i'd had an underwater camera - a must purchase for my next trip! The dive master also took us through lots of tunnels and caves which was cool as something i've not done before - although i think i also need to purchase a torch after nearly knocking myself out by swimming into a tunnel wall face first in the pitch black - fortunately i managed not to panic and found the exit ok but was a bit scary!

We also went on a snorkelling and sailing boat trip which was wicked too (unforutnately this time Lauz was a bit sick so had to stay behind.) The snorkelling was almost as good as my dives as we again saw lots of sharks and sting rays (Ems was v v brave and managed to overcome her fear of sharks and get in the water with them - a BIG WELL DONE!!) but the highlight for me was definitely the group of huge eagle rays we saw..they look so amazing flying through the water and i'd not seen any before so totally made my day :o)

so a pretty perfect last day, topped off by a sunset cruise, flying fish, rum punch and more seafood...we've definitely made the most of and loved our beach time - it's all cities and culture from now on much to laura's excitement!!

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