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Me and the cuddly cat

Me and the fountain in Dunkeld

Fergus playing frisbee

That's Fergus driving

Ruthven Barracks

Battle of Culloden Monument

Ahhhh! Save us!!!

The fam at Lochness

Fergus teaching us the Nessie Dance

playing frisbee

Haunted castle

Fireplace inside

spook room?!?!?

Hall of statues

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The nessie dance as deminstrated by Fergus our tour guide

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Loch Ness

We woke up this morning and checked out of our hostel and made our way up to the Haggis office for our 8 day tour. A few other tours were leaving the same day so there were a ton of people hanging around. We soon discovered that our tour guide/driver would be Fergus who happened to be wandering around in a kilt. Love it.

Our first stop as we headed up north was a small town called Dunkeld. We walked down to the river where I saw a really cute cat and of course I had to pick it up. It was so cuddly. We then stopped at Ruthven Barracks which is a ruin of some barracks. Pretty coold place that you can climb all over.

We made our way to Kingussie for lunch but not before we played our first game of frisbee as a group. We all really sucked at first but we started to get the hang of it after a while.

Our next stop was the Culloden battlefields where a great battle happened in which the English wiped out the Scottish and banned the gaelic language from being spoken in Scotland. We then drove through Inverness on our way to Lochness. At Lochness Fergus taught us all the nessie dance which would call the monster to show itself haha.

We stood in a long ling along the endge of the Loch and did the nessie dance. It must have been a hilarious sight to see. I got Fergus on video demonstrating. I will try to put it up onto the site soon.

We got to stay at the COOLEST place ever tonight. We stayed at Carbiside Castle Hostel for the night which is supposely haunted by a women in white and 2 small children. The kids were locked in their playroom by their nannie and starved to death. The young boy goes around scratchig on doors while the young girl braids girls hair.

I didn't see any ghosts but it was still kind of creepy in a cool way. The castle is basically in the middle of no where but there is a pub 10 minutes away by foot and you have to cross the river to get to it. We all headed over there for a drink on our first night to get accquainted.

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