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Cheeky old perv!

Buddha Park

Same, same

Juliet & I

Getting arty!

Best noodle & curry soup in the world at the local market,...

View from our room in Vang Vien

Stayed up till 2am chatting to Juliet in our room, great girl, really fun company and having a wicked laugh travelling with her.

Ventured to the 'Buddha Park' on a local bus, and met this lovely old lady who was so eager to practise her english on us. Once she'd got off, this old man decided to get a bit friendly with poor Juliet - started tickling her thigh and before she knew it his hand had moved at the speed of lightning to her crotch!! Cheeky old perv, Juliet and I were so shocked but in hysterics and the old guy starts saying something to the rest of the bus and all the women on it turn around and give him the filthiest stare and gesture for us to move to the front of the bus away from him!

Don't think we were particularly welcome on the local bus back though. Some old man slapped my legs, and then as I was trying to take pictures whilst on the move he shut the door and moved the window to stop me! Looked so damn pleased with himself - prat.

Ate lunch back at our favourite noodle bar in the market, just gorgeous food and the owner was so pleased to see us return!

Got an unusually plush coach to Vang Vieng in the afternoon with some real characters on Brit who considers himself an activist, a 55 year old Canadian who decided to leave his wife at home and come travelling for 6 weeks, some barbie dolls that wore some serious amounts of make-up considering we're backpacking...and 2 random sweedes who looked like identical Jehovah Witnesses!

Ate at 'The Organic Cafe' which did the best mulberrry shakes, but not such great food thing about Vang Vieng so far...there are banana pancake stands everywhere, so indulged and we had an early one.

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