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Fruit Plate

Today we leave Bohput and Samui for Bangkok. Our flight is at 3:00 so we have time for, you guessed it, lying out and getting sun. You would think at this point we are amazingly tan. We are not. We have OK tans but are working on them.

The Samui airport is a blast, open air pavilions, people sunning themselves on the lawns while waiting for flights,

Many scantily clad young things to watch. Time here goes by very quickly.

As an aside, Bangkok is getting very interesting. In case the news report have passed everyone by, there have been numerous demonstrations in the city and other areas of Thailand to oust the current, some believe corrupt, Prime Minister. So far it has only resulted in some interesting new clips and traffic but it is expected to get worse in the coming days. Good Times.

The people's main list of complaints against the man running their government goes something like this. He was elected a few years back as the result of a rather dubious election but reelected last year with a stronger majority. This was partially due to, what many saw, as the swift and succinct handling of the worst disaster to ever face his country. Since then he has filled many key government position with cronies and routinely gives government contracts to corporations either partially owned by friends or companies that he used to own part of. He is accused of being out of touch with what need to happen in his country but is supported by people who live in rural areas that are considered a bit backwards. He has many party members who are under investigation for corruption and his son was just fined a paltry amount by their version of the SEC for selling shares in a company and not paying taxes. He is also fighting a war against people who claim they were wrongly annexed by imperial powers and losing abysmally at the insurgency. Oh, yeah and he controls the media to such a great extent that free speech is in peril. What other large world power does this sound like?

Anyway, we arrived safely in Bangkok and are, once again, safely ensconced in The Sukhothai. I have included a picture of the fruit and chocolate basket you receive upon arrival. We cleaned up a bit and went out for a little while to a club just down the street from the hotel. We stayed for a few hours; it was fun but we were tired and we needed to get up early in the morning. Had dinner at Celadon again....best hotel food ever and possibly the best Thai food around.

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