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Along the streets

Town Hall Woodstock

King's Men

Another view of the circle

Whispering Knights

King's Stone

Upton House

Shell Posters

Upton House from the

The gardens

After our adventures the day before and despite the wet weather we decided some exploration was in order. Our first stop was the small historic town of Woodstock. The main attraction in Woodstock is Blenheim Palace but as we had visited the palace before so we just enjoyed a stroll around the town.

Our second stop was the Rollright Stones. These are a collection of ancient stones. The largest group of stones are called the King’s Men a group of 77 limestone stones in a circle 30 metres in diameter. In addition there are two other strange shaped stones called the King’s Stone and the Whispering Knights. Their actual purpose is unclear but their name came from a legend about a witch who turned a king and his army into stone to stop them invading England.

Our final stop for the day was Upton House. Whilst famous for its gardens the time of year was not conducive to spending too long exploring them. However we did enjoy exploring the house which parts originated from the 1500s. However it was between 1927and 1929 when the house was bought by the 2nd Viscount Bearsted that the house was considerably expanded. Although the outside facade was kept, the interior had a distinctive and interesting art déco appearance. As we toured the house the most distinctive art déco feature was Lady Bearstead’s bathroom with its walls covered in aluminium leaf. In addition there was an interesting exhibit of Shell Oil Company posters and other advertising material as the 2nd Viscount Bearsted owed his fortune to the fact that his father founded the Shell Transport and Trading Company.

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