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We had collected the coach from Gold RV. The fridge was working fine again but we were a little lighter in the pocket!

From Alton we headed to a campground just near Oxford. On our first day Saturday we intended to visit Martin in Towcester but things didn't go as planned. We got about a mile and a half from the campground when we had to pull over as the brakes on the car were binding and were very hot. We called the breakdown service and they were there very quickly. After a quick look it was apparent that the breaks had seized so we needed a flatbed recovery to the nearest SEAT dealer. The recovery vehicle took over an hour to arrive due to problems in Oxford. Tony went with the car and Heather walked the mile and half back to the campground with Daisy. The SEAT garage said they were unable to look at the car until Tuesday to discover what was causing the problem so we organised a hire car for a few days. What fun. We eventual popped over to see Martin later in the day.

On Tuesday when the garage looked at it they discovered that it was connected to the tow equipment fitted to the car and nothing to do with the car. We got in touch with the supplier of the toe equipment and arranged an appointment later in March when we are visiting Mum in Grantham. Look as if we will be travelling in convoy for the next few moves.

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