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Finally - a picture of me with my wonderful son, Spencer

Spencer and pals leaving for a golfing weekend


Pres. Hayes house

Verandah on front of house

Spencer and I left at the same time this morning. He was going on an annual golf weekend with seven other guys . We stepped inside, hugged, cried, and said "I love you", and , at that moment, it seemed like I had just arrived but here it was time to say goodbye . Off he went, I waved until I couldn't see the car anymore and then I locked the house up and got on my way.

Normally , Tom and I would take the "northern route". We would go over the bridge at Sarnia ,go through Canada, cross into the US at Buffalo NY and then head for the Berkshires and then the ocean. I decided to take the "southern route" through Ohio, Pennsylvannia, and points east and north.

After a couple of hours I arrived in Fremont Ohio and toured the residence and museum of President Rutherford B. Hayes. I have always wanted to make this stop because I graduated from Samuel J. Tilden H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y. and as you know, he was the Democrat candidate that won the popular vote but lost the election to Rutherford B. Hayes.

Hayes was a one term President by choice. He tried to get the law changed that any president would only serve one six year term instead of 2 four year terms because he said too much time was spent campaigning in the third and fourth years of the first term. Smart man! People tried to persuade him to run for another term because he was popular with the people for his honesty and integrity. He refused. He and his wife, Lucy, returned to the house in Ohio that his uncle built for him. Many additions were put on the house that enlarged it considerably. The President's request to his uncle was to build a huge veranda and attach a house to it. It turned out to be a beautiful home and well worth visiting if you are every in Fremont, Ohio.

I got back on the road at about 12:30 , stopped for lunch, and then drove to Buckhorn, PA. I wish I could have taken pictures of the lush farmland and beautiful green mountains I drove by on Route 80 today. There was very little construction and even fewer billboards. It turned out to be an easy drive. Tomorrow should be another interesting day.

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