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I was the only peppy one in the family this morning. Everyone else had a really good time last night and was dragging in the a.m.

I had invited Sean and Brian to have brunch with us at Sopo at 11. They were on time, Spencer and Owen were a bit tardy. If Colin didn't own the place he would have been tardy too!

It was non stop chatter from the minute we all gathered until it was time to say goodbye. Colette e-mailed and asked if I took a picture of me with the boys. What is wrong with me that it never occurred to me to do that. Next time we are together that is going to be a for sure picture!

The drive home on I94 was long because of lots of work zones and reduced speed areas. Spencer and I were anxious to get back to town, stop for dinner, and call it a day. I must say that the house is pleasantly cool. Tomorrow Spencer is getting estimates from two different air conditioning outfits on a new unit. The old one definitely needs to be replaced.

A visit to Chicago - or should I say a weekend with Colin - is always go, go, go - But it is always fun filled!

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