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where Napolean was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo: (thats me about...

the view from up above

Dinant, one of Belgiums most beautiful cities

an afternoon stroll thru Dinant.

Dinner in Brugge, the city where Marc lived after college

Lisy drinking a beer like a true Belgian

one of the many beautiful canals that sorround Brugge

another pretty view

We rented bikes and rode along this pretty park

The Belfry: Construction was started in the 1300s

After a couple nights in Amsterdam, we hopped on the train to Belgium. The rail network in Europe makes travel very easy. And considering that some countries are only about the size of San Diego county, it is quick to go from place to place. The train ride was only about three hours to Brussels, Belgium.

We met up with Marc's family who is also vacationing thru Europe. Marc's dad wanted to give us the tour of his home town. We had a blast touring the country and seeing where Pierre grew up. It was nice to be spoiled for a couple of days by family. We also visited the city of Brugge. Marc spent some time living here after college swimming for the Belgian National team. I never imagined Belgium to be as romantic, lively, and charming as it was. Everywhere you looked the streets were filled with people strolling along on foot or bicycle. The restaurants and cafes were packed day and night. The sun doesn't even set until after 10pm. We really had a great time here.

We are now on our way to Paris! I can hardly wait!!

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