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Sandy in front of a sign for downtown Sandy, Oregon

Sandy with Mt. Hood in the background

Front of Timberline Lodge

Top of Mt. Hood obscured by snow

Tired snowman

Main sitting area with massive fireplace

On the way to Mt. Hood, we drove though a place that made Sandy's heart leap with joy. The attached picture says it all, but suffice to say it was Sandy, Oregon. If Sandy had her way, we would have stopped for pictures of Sandy City Hall, Sandy Police Department, etc. Of course, we might not have arrived at Mt. Hood had we done so.

We are staying at the Timberline Lodge, regrettably not atop Mt. Hood as I previously indicated in a prior posting but it is above the timberline. The place is old, but great. You'll see pictures of Sandy with Mt. Hood in the background, Mt. Hood's peak obscured by snow, the lodge's main sitting area with a massive fireplace, and a tired snowman. This is definitely a place I would suggest visiting if you are in this part of the country.

Oh, did the front of the Lodge look at all familiar? It should if you recall the hotel in the famous movie The Shining. Yep, the movie used the front of the Lodge for its fictitious hotel. Also, just above the lodge is the Pacific Crest Trail that stretches from Canada to Mexico. At this point, Canada is only 550 miles away while Mexico is 2, 180 miles. In either case, that's a long way to walk.

Tomorrow we journey to Portland via Hood River, OR and the Columbia Gorge Museum (not a 100% on the latter's name since I don't have my notes in front of me at this moment). Thanks for reading.

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