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It was a lovely day. The temperature was perfect and the sky a beautiful blue. We decided to just start walking towards town and see what we might find. The name of the street that goes through the center of town is Above Bar Street! Along the way we passed a plaque dedicated to the valiant musicians that continued to play as the Titanic sank. It was quite moving to see. We stopped at a Heart Association thrift store to find a sweater for Jim. He found a very nice pullover & Karen found and English hat in orange! As we approached the downtown area we saw a large group of protestors coming down the street. They were advocating for care of the earth. This evening we learned that Kat was involved in a march in Chicago for the same thing. Come to find out it was world wide. So while continents apart we were connected to family. We came upon another street market with vendors selling clothing, produce, jewelry, candy & our favorite-Chimney Bread. Chimney bread is a traditional Hungarian treat. Originally the non sweet dough was wrapped around the chimney pipe & left there to bake. Today the dough was wrapped around a long wooden rolling pin and cooked over charcoal. It was amazing to watch the young man constantly check the coals to make sure they were the right heat. The rolling pin slowly rotated. We could see the dough gradually browning. Once done, the bread was sprinkled with sugar & crushed walnuts, cinnamon or coconut. The traditional way is with sugar & walnuts. Of course we had to have one. It was so delicious. We continued on down the street & came upon a huge indoor shopping mall. Karen desperately wanted fish & chips for lunch & even had the name of the best one in town. Fortunately it was just a few blocks away. We ordered 1 meal to share as the fish was about 12"x4"! We got it to go & walked to a nearby park to enjoy it. It was as good as it looked. There was an interesting piece of equipment on the playground. It was like a huge saucer suspended by 3 chains that joined together at the top. We watched a child laying down on it while his mother pushed him. It looked like so much fun. We decided to walk home a different way to see more of Southampton. Karen looked up and saw a sign to St. Mary's football (soccer to us) stadium so off we went to check it out. We only saw the outside of the stadium from a distance but went through a pedestrian tunnel and the walls were wonderfully painted with dates of league wins, players pictures & this saying: "This club was built on faith from the very beginning." What a great statement. We were ready to go home by then. We stopped at a grocery (Aldis!) to pick up something for dinner. French onion soup sounded good to both of us. We picked up a package of mangos, a package of grapes, a baguette & the makings for the soup. The soup was prepared on a portable induction burner. Dinner was quite tasty & just what we both wanted. The perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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