2017 Trip East to see the Colors travel blog

The river and view from my chair

Barge and tug going up river... yo can hear those engines chugging

Looking west up Beale Street

Memphis Jones

BB Kings

Barge and tug going with the flow down river

The drive from Nashville started with Rio the cat making a lot of noise and jumping back and forth from the back seat to the front seat. He finally settled on my lap (not his usual spot while in motion), but he kept up the noise. Tom says ‘”He’s off his meds” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Rio the cat did calm down. Then as we got close to downtown Memphis we came up on a mess on the interstate – all lanes closed and traffic being detoured from 4 lanes to 2 lanes and a traffic light to deal with. Google maps warned us but the detour was through downtown and having been to Memphis we thought that was a bad move. We stuck with it but a 14 minute delay became over an hour and we were only 13 miles from our destination. Tom can tell you stories about fools you “meet” on the road. And Rio the cat hollered part of that time. If we are moving slowly for more than a few minutes he thinks we are ready to stop for the night...unless he can smell that we are at a gas station.

West Memphis, AR is the home of Tom Sawyer RV Park, which is a spot we have visited twice and we really like it. Oh and we are 7 miles from Memphis, TN too.

First, the park is right on the Mississippi River. From the trailer we can actually watch the water flowing. There is a lot of barge traffic and we even saw a paddlewheel steamboat and a small tanker. Folks staying in the park gather at the river to watch the traffic. The tugboats pushing the barges come in several sizes but I like the little ones. They almost look like a toy but when you focus on what they are doing you drop the toy classification. Tom loves to watch the barges and he likes to try and identify the type of cargo by the type of barge or how the material is contained. Tugs push barges 24 hours a day.

We decided to have a meal in Memphis so we headed to BB Kings on Beale Street for food and music. A 3 man band by the name of Memphis Jones was performing and we thoroughly enjoyed their renditions of BB King, Johnny Cash, WC Hand and Elvis Presley Memphis music. The “spokesman” is a rock and soul kind of guy and he was able to share a lot of music history and legends. We did not stay as long as we would have because we “needed” to go back to the RV park to watch the last game of the world series...enough said.

We really hate to leave this spot on the river but we are ready to head home so off to Fort Smith, Arkansas and a short stay there.

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