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Blue jeans frog

At 8-15 we are board a water taxi for the 30 minute journey back to Admiranti Port. A bus awaits us there and we drive alongside many banana plantations owned by the United Fruit Company who once had market dominance in Central America. The UFCO was an American company, but its tactic to maintain market dominance was to control land use for banana growing. To do this it had to become politically involved and this action termed the phrase 'banana republic'. We also pass by a refuge camp where many Africans are being housed in a tent city. What happens is, they come via Panama and the canal, to cross Central America to try and reach the USA. It's a big problem for Panama as they have to provide accommodation, food medical care etc and Trump is trying to build his wall to keep them out! At about 10am we reach the border and leave our bus and driver. We pay our exit fee and get the appropriate stamps on the Panamanian side and then walk across no mans land, which in this case is a bridge across a river, to then queue to get the appropriate stamps for the Costa Rican side. Our new bus and Carlos, our driver for the next 7 days, are waiting. We have a 28 seater with only 5 of us plus Tomas and Carlos. Plenty of room spread out. We continue on driving past many more banana plantations and along the Caribbean coast towards Limon, the biggest port on the north side of Costa Rica. It's slow going as there are lots of trucks carrying containers on the road and some of them bear the UFCO Chiquita brand. We stop for lunch at a soda, which is a small local restaurant. We have a selection of empanadas, banana with cheese and rice vegetable and chicken parcels which are cooked and wrapped up in banana leaves. Delicious!

We arrive at our hotel in time to take a small walk in the grounds of our Hotel. We see blue jeans frogs which are bright orange on their top half and their bottom half looks like they are wearing denim, hence the name. They are small, only about 3 cms, but very cute. At 5.30 we gather at a table outside in a grassy area and continue to watch for birds whilst sipping on a cold beer. In a nearby tree we watch a woodpecker and its family. Dinner is at the hotel. Simple, plain food but just perfect for a change.

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