John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Lunch Break Historical Marker

We leave our RV Park and get on the interstate. It starts to rain. We are in the Flint Hills section of Kansas. It continues to rain.

We stop for gas in Junction City. Shortly thereafter, we get off the Interstate.

We choose Route 18 today. It is a straight road with little traffic. It is our kind of road. Our only problem is the rain. We never turn the windshield wipers off.

Around noon, we find an historical marker. It is the perfect place to pull off the road for a lunch break.

I get my only picture for the day. I am able to take the picture without getting out of the RV. It is still raining.

We pull into our next RV Park by 1:30. It is not a long day but it is long enough!

I guess it sounds like I am tired of the rain. I am. I do not remember any other trip where it rained so much.

Tomorrow is another day. Rain or shine, I have a National Historical Site to stop at!

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