Clarence and Sandy's RV Tour 2013 travel blog

Park right here, should not be a problem.

Oops! Looks like you are stuck!

Let's try some boards under the wheels.

Flat bed wrecker to the rescue.

We have been very lucky that the problems so far have been minor. This morning before we left, Adlai (Clarence's brother) reported that his water pump was out. Clarence told him we would check on it at the next campground. Today was our longest drive and a rainy one. Along the way Adlai lost a windshield wiper which was probably damaged when he hit the deer. We stopped and Clarence moved the passenger's wiper to the driver's side. On the road again, then we heard, "Tailender, this is number 9, we have lost the other wiper." So he traveled with no wipers! Turns out that one was still hanging on when we got to the campground so he has one working wiper. We do have Rain-X that he can use if push comes to shove. We learned to carry it when we were in Nova Scotia in 2006 we had a windshield wiper motor go out. I am sure the Richard and Bud remember what a pain that was for us!

The water pump was not so easy to repair so he needs to buy a new one somewhere. It has been raining for days in Halifax and the campground was very muddy. Three of us got stuck in the mud. The wagon master got out without much problem. Number 6 had to be pulled out by a flat bed wrecker(provided by the campground). Turns out the tail enders had to be pulled out also. No more camp sites available that are not in the mud so we are dry camping tonight in the park but not in an official space. All is well that ends well.

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