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Seaport Village

Watching the ships go by

Stan and the sailboats

Beautiful day by the sea

USS Carl Vinson in Port

When we arrived in San Diego 2 weeks ago, we had a list of things we wanted to do. Some things we picked up on the Internet. Some things were suggested by friends who were familiar with the area. We have managed to do all of the things on our list but one. The last thing on our list was to take a harbor tour. We have left this ride on a cruise ship to last partly because Stan is still dealing with some inner ear issues from the sinus infection. With this being our last day we decided it was now or never. Then we found out the tours for today were sold out. So we moved on to plan B.

In looking at the San Diego map we realized there was an area we had not explored called Seaport Village. This is an area of shops and restaurants just south of the navy pier. This village proved to be quite interesting and relaxing. The shops were unique and bordered the bay and a park. There were several people enjoying the cool afternoon (temp. about 68). With a kite shop across from the park it was not surprising to see several kites in the air. We shopped and walked along the bay. While looking across the bay to the Naval Air Station we were surprised to see two carriers in port. They were not there yesterday when we were on the Midway. We readily identified the Ronald Reagan easily but had to use the camera to identify the other carrier as the Carl Vinson. This is the carrier our son was on for his first deployment.

We spent some time in the courtyard that like Old Town had a duo playing windpipes to recorded music. This time there was no one dancing but it was nice. After researching the restaurants, we decided the Pier Cafe looked interesting. It is exactly what it sounds like. It's built on the pier with full length windows all along the bay. We took our time enjoying watching people, ships, sailboats, and helicopters. At one point we realized a Navy ship headed out. Since this was definitely not a carrier it took a little while to identify it as the Cruiser Mobile Bay.

This has been a wonderful time in San Diego. In a lot ways I hate to leave. This is an outdoor town. Everywhere you look you see runners, walkers, rollerbladers, bikers...everyday. The temperature is right around 70 everyday. My kind of town!

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