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White cliffs of Dover England

Dover castle

White cliffs and beach Dover England

Operation Dynamo Planning tunnels in the castle

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Hong Kong choir


Dover street fair

Mushy Peas yum

Brighton Beach

As our ferry approached the shores of the United Kingdom, we were treated to views of the famous white cliffs of Dover. We spent four days in the Dover area as it is a very beautiful area with lots of things to see. We took the train to Canterbury where the main attraction is the Canterbury Cathedral. It is a huge church that took several hours to see the entire building. There was a special event going on with youth choirs, one from Minnesota and one from Hong Kong. Both groups were good but the Hong Kong choir was absolutely amazing.

In the white cliffs of Dover, there are miles and miles of tunnels. Some where built originally back in the days of Napoleon and before, and some were built during WWII. You can go into the World War II tunnels which served as a hospital and a military headquarters. This served as the headquarters for a campaign to evacuate over 300,000 allied troops from the shores of France when Germany took control over France. On top of the tunnels sits an old medieval castle, fort and a lighthouse dating back to the days of the Romans.

We are now in Brighton which is a beach resort about 100 miles west of Dover and 60 miles south of London. It is a little too busy here for us so tomorrow we will move on looking for some beaches not quite so busy.

It is nice to be back in a country that speaks English. The first thing we did was buy a newspaper! When we first arrived in the UK, the new prince George had just been born and that is all you heard on the radio and in the news. The English are absolutely wild about the new prince. One newspaper estimated the birth would do more to boost the UK economy than the Olympics did. Thankfully, the talk about the baby is finally starting to subside.

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