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City of Banff from the vista at Mt Norquay

Picture of the valley was taken from this mountainside.

Vermillion Lakes

Mount Norquay. Took picture of the sign so I would spell it...

The slopes

The slopes

The rates

The course.

She had a baby on the hillside. Didn't want us to pass

Lake Vermillion with train.

Cascade Gardens walkway.

You can see how the gardens and water would cascade in season.

Knotted wood and visitors.

Close up of wood.

Banff Hotel

Banff Hotel

Banff Hotsprings. We took a dip.

Elk in the campground.

We stayed close to the park today.

We drove up to Mount Norquay which is a Ski Resort. You get a beautiful view of the city of Banff. The slopes look like they are straight downhill. I don't ski so those who do would love it. A Mountain goat decided to stop us on our way back down the hill.

Also drove by the Vermillion Lakes. It's a post card setting with the water, mountains and train going through the valley. The road around the lakes are full of bicyclist.

We took a walk through the Cascade Gardens which are in the town of Banff. They just planted it so there is nothing blooming. The wood used for the park benches and the walkways is very interesting. You will see it in the pictures.

You will see pictures of the Historic Banff Hotel built in 1909. It is on the mountainside. Wonder how they did it without today's technology. We may go and walk around the hotel like we are important.

We got brave and visited the Hot Springs. It was like sitting in a warm bath that never got cold on you. It looks like a pool. Which you were out in the woods or wilderness environment.

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