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So, We have just arrived back in San Jose after a lovely...boiling hot, Caribbean experience at Puerto Viejo! Sleeping on the beach in hammocks for 5 nights was a pretty amazing experience, excluding last nights tropical rianstoem whcich made it slightly hard to sleep with the constant thundery noise on the cast iron roof!

However, apart from this we had an amazing time..though Flic decided she wasn't too keen on the heat after all! We went through a couple of burnt times too! On one incredibly hot day we biked about 10km down the coast to find a really lovely beach..really good for swimming too. (unfortunately the beach by our hammock 'hotel' was fairly rocky and whas absolutely heaving with sea of which decided it liked my foot. So that was the end of swimming THERE!)

But this other beach..Punta Uva it was called, was the nicest swimming experience warm and clear!

Also, during our time we managed to do a tour of a Cocoa farm. Though it started off rather badly when the bus driver dropped us about 3km too far down the rooad, and in the sweltering 34 degree heat we had to walk all the way back not knowing how far it would be! Kept asking people and they'd say about a kilometre..EVERY time! But we arrived lovely and sweaty to start a tour around the cocoa farm. So, we saw all their different types of cocoa trees, though many had a sickness which made them fall back on their banana plantaion too. They also grew Sugar cane, which we crushed to try the juice which was sooo nice! Our guide, Lilley, then took us to wwatch Phillippe make chocolate. Very small scal, by hand. but we helped make it...and then ate a LOT! also of the burnt cocoa beans which were so so tasty! After this Lilley walked us to the bus stop to wait with us so we didn't get mugged, as it happened very often on this road apparently! Was very kind of him.

The general caribbean vibe was amazing here..the accents..very jamaican! Everyone soo friendly. One guy owned a Pizza place, and was on the way into town. Everytime we walked by the would say 'Best Pizza in the world, you no like doon't pay, you like, pay doble!' In his lovely jamaican tune. Though the town and food was really quite expensive! Never made it to the pizzaria!

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