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VIP bus breaking down from Bangkok to Ko Chang

Hippy Hut Beach S. Ko Chang

the spider in my bungalow bathroom

White Sands beach

beach bungalows

thai massage!

sunset at Lonely Beach bar


Is cliff jumping included in this cooking class?!

my Paad Thai dish I made

making curry paste from scratch


the classroom curry dishes(my Panaeng dish is the white one in the...

Jamie at the Adventure park


Don't forget to clip in to the next one Jamie!





Chef Skinner!

Ooh Lala!

Chef Ciecko

lets eat already!

Bang Bao pier

Bang Bao bungalows on stilts!

Bang Bao village/pier

don't fall!



In Bangkok we went to our travel agency, Unseen Travel, to pick up our bus and ferry ticket to Ko Chang Island. The bus ride turned out to be about 6 hrs and in the middle broke down and the airconditioning was broken and was leaking water on people's backs and seats, including Jamies. He wasn't happy about that at all. Nice, sweaty bus ride with water dripping on you...can't get any better than that!

When we arrived to Trat we got off the bus and onto the ferry. Arriving in Koh Chang we took a share taxi to The Orchid Resort and bungalows on the Lower western side of the island in Bai Laan. NIce quit area with a pool and even private little beach. Our bungalow had 2 big beds, 2 fans and mosquito nets, and hot water!

On the 5th we went to a beach on the southern part of the island that was said to be the most beautiful beach on the island by the owner of the Orchid Resort. Got some sun, played and swam in the water and got quite a bit of reading done.

Mom you'd be proud of this one! On the 7th of January(after some more beach time) I signed up for a Thai cooking class at the Blue Lagoon Cooking School. We cooked four dished: Paad Thai, Tom Yum/Tom Kah soup, curry, and sticky rice with mango for dessert. For the main meal Jamie and I made our favorite dish, Panaeng curry, and everyone in the class sat down by the lagoon and shared all the meals we prepared. Man was I stuffed! I love variety though and the sticky rice and mango was the icing on the cake. We were given our little cookbooks and also a nice set of chopsticks. I was hoping for some certificate or diploma, but I guess that was asking for too much : ) I hope to use this when I get back to the states and cook a meal or two for the folks and a few friends. Thai food is the best!

On the 8th Jamie and I went to a village on stilts and then over to the beach we were at a couple days ago for some more sun and swimming and reading. Last day in Ko Chang we decided to go to the Treetop Adventure Park and climb up trees, swing on ropes like tarzan, go down zip lines, cross tightropes, and ride skateboards in midair from tree to tree. Well what can I say about the islands...Ummm beautiful..have their time and place, but give me a steep mountain to climb and some bamboo to sleep on and then you will "really" see me smile. Since we didn't want to pay for a snorkeling, fishing or scuba trip, we decided to leave a day earlier, so Cambodia get ready!! And Northern Thailand I am already thinking of next time I get over there and all the adventures I'll want to do.

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