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Supersize my cereal!

Weeeeellllllll....... Armeriiiiikaaaaaaa....

Thought I had better write down some thoughts. Its been a long time since I last did so.... Many reasons, the right mood wasn't upon me, it's been very crazy...


New York Customs was an experience, I had been awake for about 20 hours... and still had a final 1 ½ hour domestic flight to go. Don't know how I managed it, but I ended up last.. dead last. Behind a couple with visa problems.

Finally passing through security to fly to Raleigh... plodding through the metal detector.. and having it beep... and then removing hair pins from pockets..... being told I couldn't carry that onboard - "was I not aware of this?" (I had only recently taken them out of my hair)... passing through the metal detector... and having it beep... and removing coins... being told I couldn't carry that onboard..."was I not aware of this?" (me agreeing furvently)... and getting ready to pass through again.. when I was told I would have to go to a separate area for extra security.

The lady handed me back my pins/coins and directed me to a small penned off area with a chair in the middle. Then she signalled the meanest looking security guard...

I shall spare you the gory details. But I suffered through multiple indignities....plus at least three lectures... one about how I can't carry metal hairpins... (yes I put them back on my pocket)... not supposed to carry coins.... no I couldn't carry shampoo.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......

When I finally made it to the check in counter, the man informed me they were actually boarding, "was I not aware of this?" and in future I should do better to get there earlier.

America is very different from Europe, in oh so many ways.

For a start, finding good coffee is next to impossible (although I did eventually find an excellent soy latte - in central Raleigh, just down the road from a murder scene).

You can't walk anywhere (and if you do you are looked upon with silent disregard as a "nutter").

Everything comes in super sizes, and you can turn right on red lights.

I realise if you have a family, then buying the large (or normal as they are known here) sizes would make sense. But if buying for one, then... well... what would I do with 2 gallons of juice? Believe me, I have contemplated this while strolling the aisles. As yet, my creativity is still blocked.

I went to a bulk buying store to get some stuff for work, and I must of amused the hell out of the stores people. I JUST had to take photos of the cereals and snacks. It must of be one of the oddest things they had seen someone do (although probably not in hindsight)....

You can buy 2lb jars of cheeseballs... 4lb packs of cereal... 3lb packs of candy..... That's bl&*dy HUGE if you didn't get the idea.

Imagine sitting on the couch watching football... 6 pack of 40oz beers... and 2lbs of cheeseballs.....

If you're not careful, you can get carried away with this. Restaurants have 'appertizers'... then 'entrees'... then mains... then desserts.... And the entree size serving is more than enough.

Thankfully though, I do happen to work with someone who takes great delight in telling me just how fat I'm going to get in America. He especially likes to do it while I'm eating dessert. The bastard.

Working on site is interesting... its a two hour drive from home, and sometimes I have to be there at 7.30am. I don't mind the drive at all, in fact I'm really enjoying it after 3 ½ months of walking or using transport. The little differences amuse me however, such as the site manager carries a whopping great rifle by the side of his seat (should he find something he might feel the need to shoot apparently). I can only hope I get the job I'm supposed to do... well.. done, without fitting into that crosshair. He doesn't say much, but there's another fella out there who is highly amused by my kiwi accent. He follows me around... saying... "Taorrk som morreee girrrlllll... Taorrkk som marrre...".

This I find great, someone whos actually looking forward to my rambling.

I can talk about anything, and he's as interested as ever. Sometimes he laughs, and repeats what I say, like how it sounds to him. I don't mind this either... I thought it was fascinating the first time I said it.

I live across the road from a few shopping centres, and decided (a little foolhardedly) to walk there. Upon meeting an 8 line highway, and realising there was actually no footpaths for a reason, let alone an underpass, I returned home for the car. Just to cross the road. Crazy. Felt like a bizarre version of the chicken thing.

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