Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Lake Taupo

Air McD's

Huka Falls

Keith @ Huka Falls

Base Of Huka Falls

Base Of Huka Falls #2

Waikato River

Claire @ The Falls

Keith @ The Falls

He's Gawgeous

Craters Of The Moon

Amazing Gas?!?

Keith In Craters

More Bubbling Mud

Taupo is a beautiful place with the biggest lake (literally the biggest lake in NZ). The sun was still shining so we made the most of it by kayaking around the lake. Keith started a water fight which Claire won. This continued untill the pair of us turned up at the hire centre like drowned rats. Claire got in a proper strop with her mascara panda impression.

Went to have a look at the Taupo bungy which Claire was almost convinced to do. We wrongly assumed that the weather would hold out till the next day so we could do our 15,000ft of terror jumping out of a plane. We couldn't have been more wrong. No flights went up for skydiving at all. With a mixture of relief and dissappointment we resigned ourselves to the fact we'd have to wait till Queenstown for that particular adventure.

We bumped into Sarah and Steve from Fiji (the ones who shared our room) and had a few beers on the lakeside after visiting the Craters of the Moon and Huka Falls.

With hindsight we should've spent more time here, as it's a wicked place, but we were running out of time to catch the ferry to the South Island.

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