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one of the churches

who needs a pick up!

another church

in the town square

the central catherdral

an arch way over the road

other side of the square

the townsfolk selling their wares

the view from the cross, over Antigua. as you've guessed it's a...

us, the volcano and some grass!

Hey everyone, we finally managed to get our butts back into gear and move on. We took the luxury minibus down to Antigua, about 3hrs away. By luxury I mean we had our very own seat each without having to share them with anybody!!! On the way we saw our first sign of an active volcano, there are few around Antigua, one was spewing ash out so it had a big mushroom cloud over it, really cool!

Not really sure what we were expecting when we arrived, Antigua is well known for its colonial heritage and is supposed to be very cute!! (or so the bible says!)

In reality, we feel it deserves a fresh lick of paint and less cars but apart from that it is very friendly and has lots of old churches to look at! It's really hard to find anything though as there are no signs sticking out of shops or anything, think there must be some sort of rule in the town, you have to look above every door to find the shop u want.

We went on a walking tour around the town, taking in the culture and visiting the local craft markets. We also made it up the hill to Cerro de la Cruz, a cross and fantastic views over Antigua and its surrounding volcanos.

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