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The main street in Blair

Check the date on the building

I took a drive into Blair to look up a little family history on my Dad's side. It turns out that the Sutherland name is quite popular here. My Great Grandfather Marion Sutherland was one of 9 children....7 boys and two girls. His father John and his Uncle Abram were some of the first to settle in Blair in the late 1800's. My Great Great Uncle Abram owned the land that a school was built on so they called it the Sutherland School. The building was converted to a home in the early 70's and may still be there. I would have gone looking for it but I wanted to spend more time in the geneology department at the Blair Library. A volunteer by the name of Pat helped me find a great deal of information to bring back to my Dad, and my Brother and Sister. One of her friends is named Burly Sutherland and it turns out that we are related. I guess with all those siblings and with most of them staying in the area, it doesn't surprise me. Even though my Grandpa Clark was Marion's only child and my Dad is Clark's only Dad has alot of Great Uncles and Aunts and whole boat-load of 2nd cousins. The first thing Pat asked me... "Was your Grandpa Clark a good story teller and did he like hunting and fishing?" "You bet!" I said. "My Grandpa and my Dad told stories about hunting and fishing all the time!" She smiled and answered, "Well those are Sutherland traits for sure!" She also got me started on my Grandma Lottie's side of the family. Her father Ray Haynes and his Dad owned and ran the Blair Ferry on the Missouri between Nebraska and Iowa until they put the bridge in. We are headed over to Kearney, NE to meet my Dad's cousin Pat Lewis. My Grandma Lottie and Grandpa Clark were her Aunt and Uncle and she has alot more info to share about the Haynes side of the family. Nebraska is a whole lot different than California as far as scenery goes. It's mostly rolling hills of green and gold and a whole lot of corn.....and Husker Fans! But the the roots run deep and people are wholesome and friendly!

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