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Today we leave the confines of The Chaweng Resort [I will certainly miss the greasy bacon and fried rice breakfasts] and Samui [I know I will miss some of the scenery of Chaweng beach]. We are moving to another beach north of Chaweng called Bohput.

Bohput is a relatively quiet little village that has a bit more upscale feel to it with a smattering of chi-chi restaurants, boutiques and a large expat British community. It is also still a working fishing village with very colorful fishing boats as well as people. Bohput is continuing to expand and build more tourist accommodations that will eventually squeeze out the fisherman and their cute boats. On the bright side, there will be plenty of places to buy designer shoes and 3USD red bull t-shirts.

Before we leave, we did have a few things to take care of. First, there was some lying out to get sun as we had not done enough of this in the past week or so.

Next, we had a farewell lunch at Tradewinds-the staff was almost in tears.

We also went for another suit fitting. It's now getting a bit old. They still are not finished and we agree to get one last fitting tomorrow.

We left Chaweng around 3PM and moved to a place in Bohput called the Bandara.

WOW! It is probably a good thing we checked out Chaweng before we came to the Bandara as we never would have left. The resort is set on about 4 acres of beach from property with two gianormous pools, a spa, fantastic open air reception area and restaurant. The rooms and villas are set in a well manicured tropical garden that meanders and winds all the way to the beach [where the second pool, second restaurant, pool bar and lounge chairs are. The whole place is done in very casual but chic tones of orange and brown silk, dark woods and white tiles or sandstone. It has about 150 rooms but always feels like there is nobody there. There is no fighting for lounge chairs, in fact, the only time you think there are more than a handful of people are at breakfast when you see about 40 people all at once. The staff is all very friendly and professional. Primarily the only thing to do here is.....lie around the beach and get sun [or go to the spa].

We settled into the very nice and cozy room and went to the pool for a beer and some badly needed sunshine.

We walked to the village for dinner and the Wednesday night pub quiz at the Frog and Gecko. It is the usual pub quiz where you pick teams and answer obscure questions about obscure subjects. Our team consisted of just Joel and me. Amazingly enough, we did not come in last place but rather second to last. What is even more shocking was that our two strongest categories turned out to be Science and Nature and Sports [yes sports, questions like "what day is the Super Bowl held on" and "how long are the quarters in American Football".....Brits had a hard time with these two for some reason]. After a not so humiliating defeat and several beers, we returned to the hotel and passed out.

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