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The meeting house at the Maori Arts and Crafts centre

The giesers

Hot hot hot

Bubbling mud pools

Meeting house

Longest name ever!!

Me and Mike at the Marokopa Falls

'the Natural Bridge' in the Ruakuri Reserve

Feeling a bit poorly today for some reason - a bit unfair as no alcohol passed my lips last night. Anyway, we spent the morning at the Maori Arts and Crafts Centre which was really interesting, although I had to concentrate quite hard on not being sick! It involved a really good guided tour of the information centre, before showing us the meeting house and some other tradtional Maori things. Then came the extremely stinky hot springs and geisers, which were very impressive to look at, but not so pleasant on the nose. They did stop me feeling sick though which was a bit odd - nothing like a bit of sulphur gas to cure you! Our final stop was at the Kiwi house where we saw real life Kiwi birds!! They're very endangered and also nocturnal so it's very rare to see them.

That afternoon we stopped a couple of times on the way to Waitomo. The weather was pretty crap so they weren't very welcome stops! Firstly we stopped at the Marokopa Falls which were pretty, but it's difficult to beat the Iguazo Falls! Then we stopped at the Ruakuri Reserve to look at the 'Natural Bridge' which has been formed by the river below eroding the rock above away.

That night we had a bbq in the pouring rain - which felt like being at home! Then we had a few drinks to celebrate the beginning on Geri's birthday at Midnight.

Going Blackwater rafting tomorrow!

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