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Although sunny it was bitterly cold so we decided a museum day was in order. Just outside Chichester is the Tangmeer Military Aviation Museum situated in a corner of the old RAF Tangmeer airfield which operated, 1916 through to the post-war years closing in 1970. We had visited a number of aviation museums in the past but this was in fact a bit different. Yes it had the usual display of aircrafts but this museum had some unique exhibits which spelt out the importance of the Tangmere air base.

The one we were both fascinated with was the SOE (Special Operation Executive) exhibit. This provided a comprehensive display of the equipment and activities of the special SOE agents and the Lysander pilots who flew them to and from occupied Europe from Tangmere. There were a number of personal histories of specific agents and the risks and sacrifices they made.

Another exhibit was the remains of a Battle of Britain Hurricane aircraft which had been recovered 15 years after it crashed in Hove in 1940. From records it was believed that the body of the pilot Sergeant Dennis Noble had been recovered at the time of the crash otherwise permission would not have been granted 15 years later for the excavation of the crash site. However on excavation they found the remains of Sergeant Noble and the subsequent recovery of his body and the plane was poignant.

An extremely interesting museum.

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