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Downtown Woodstock, NY.

Main street.

Street decor.

Yet another.

One of many 150+ year old houses with street art.

Can you say Peter Fonda?

Very art'sy

More shops this way.

Awesome views on the road to Bethel, NY.(Where Woodstock actually took place)

The museum at Max Yasgur farm, now owned by the preservation group.

Tourist at The Bus. This bus was actually on site during the...


One of the poster they posted accross the country.



The hill where everyone gathered.

Wider view. The left side of the picture is where the stage...

Woke up to some nice sunny weather. Decided to drive 18 miles to the Town of Woodstock. It is a very art and music oriented place. From what we understand, it was that way in the 60's, even Bob Dylan lived there back then. It was the reason they chose it for the place to have the concert, but was moved because the county would not approve the permit.

We strolled around town and into a few shops. Took some pictures and tried to get in the groove. It didn't happen! Little to touristy, even for us. Decided to go where 'The Event' took place. We had no idea it was moved 50 miles southwest, to the town of Bethel, NY. It was going to move to Wailkill, NY., but again they failed to get county approval. When Max Yasgur agreed to let them use his dairy farm, that county agreed to the permit at the last moment. The rest is history.

A millionaire bought the farm to turn into a park. There was $1 million fed. dollars donated thru controversy about Hillary Clinton and Chuck Shumer, then taken away by John McCain. The State Of New York came up with $14 million for it. It is a very nice museum with the whole story of the 60's in it. After the museum, you go out to the site, it gives those of us that were not there, this feeling of I wished we were there. It was great to see.


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