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USAF Thunderbirds

What a great feeling it is to have my family with me again. It is wonderful to spend time with each one of them individually, but to have all three surrounding me is a triple blessing.

Owen flew to Chicago from Phoenix last night. After an early morning appointment to get my stiches removed, Spencer and I drove to Chicago from Detroit this afternoon. On the way in, we stopped for gas in Indiana and heard a thunderous roar. Lo and behold, the Thunderbirds were practicing for a weekend airshow in this neck of the woods. What a surprise - a wonderful surprise - because anyone who knows me well knows what a jet junkie I am .

After this fortunate 15 minute interruption in our trip, we got back on the highway and headed for Sopo. After hugs and kisses, we parked the car in the garage, took the train to the hotel to drop off the luggage, and then visited Brady at the Custom House. Brady is a master mixologist and made up the drink menu for this restaurant. He named all of the drinks for characters in Gilligan's Island such as The Lovie, The Professor, etc. No matter what he calls them, a cocktail made by Brady is a special treat. Next thing we knew, gifts from the kitchen were arriving at our table - carpaccio, gnocchi with peas in a basalmic sauce, and a tray of assorted olives.

By now I was stuffed but the guys wanted tacos so off to Placko's Tacos we went. A couple of friends of the boys wanted to meet up at Bin 36, a wine bar. I said hello and goodbye in a 10 minute period. Happy but exhausted is the only way to describe how I feel.

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