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That's right - I've finally worked my way to EST! Drove Colin to work, gave him my thanks and big hugs, and then headed for "The D" . Lots of construction on 94 especially from Kalamazoo to Ann Arbor. I made good time anyway and with a stop for fuel, for me and the car, I arrived shortly after 4 EST ( 3 Chicago time).

My car was loaded to the brim - thankfully Spencer was home to help trek the stuff in the house. We were both starving so we went to Pronto for a bite to eat and to catch up on the news. It was wonderful to hear how well his business is doing .

I went through all the mail , started unpacking, and then sat with Spencer to give him some things of Tom's that I brought with me. Colin and Owen stayed with me a few days longer in Texas after Tom passed away so I was able to share some of Tom's things with them at that time. It pleases me so that the boys are eager to have these items - none of which are worth much but bring back so many wonderful memories.

The "to-do" list while I am here is very lengthy. Can't wait to get all my doctor's appointments and tests over with. The business/medical appointments will be nicely balanced with days spent with Spencer and my friends. Thank God for them all!

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