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Entrance to Fort William Henry at Lake George Village.


The Historian.

The Ranger.

How to load and fire a Flintlock. Very loud.

How to load and fire a 6lb Cannon. A lot louder.

Recruiting the kids.

More joined up.

Not so sure.

Hang out in here a while.

This cannon was found at the bottom of Lake George.

This fort is a replica, the original was destroyed.

Boat tours, we did not go.

All lakes are beautiful.


The harbor.

The shops.

Another day .. another Fort to visit.

Fort William Henry was constructed to launch military operations during the conflict between England and France for the political and economic control of the Hudson River and thus North America. It was constructed 20 years before the American Revolution. It was completely destroyed and later reconstructed from plans found in England. It does not have the feeling you got from Fort Ticonderoga, but the history is there.

We didn't do any homework prior to going to Lake George and were surprised at the town. It is a busy tourist destination for New Yorkers and Canadians. There is amusement parks, factory outlets, beaches, harbor activities and shops, boat tours and many other attractions. It's a beautiful busy area.

Now we know why the campground was so big.

Tomorrow.... Maybe a ride to Saratoga?

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